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Best Racing Wheel for Xbox – An Overview

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Xbox is a video gaming console created by Microsoft. It offers a platform to play high-end video games with excellent graphic and sound quality. One can experience a real life excitement playing on Xbox. There are different kinds of games you can play on Xbox. You have wars games, fantasy games, adventure games and others. However, the most popular game, to be played on Xbox, is the racing games.


Ever since the concept of digital gaming evolved, racing games gained tremendous popularity. These games are popular among different age groups. Players get obsessed with the speed, excitement and the intensity level of these games. What makes racing games even more interesting is the fact that there are different varieties of these games available. Car racing, bike racing with unique features, different attributes have made these games very popular.


If you wish to enjoy the real fun of racing games, then you must try them on Xbox. Playing racing games on Xbox would give you a real life experience of racing. Here you will feel the thrill of overtaking your rival at a high speed, taking stiff turns and of course, saving yourself from collision. So, what makes racing games on Xbox so especial? There are few aspects to it; the graphic quality, sound, and controlling devices. In order to imagine yourself as a driver of a car, you must have a steering in your hand! This is what you can experience with Xbox. Here you will be able to control your car with a racing wheel!


  • Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel


Racing wheels have been an inherent feature of Xbox. You can find different types of racing wheels. There has been a recent development in this field. Xbox has come up with a wireless racing wheel which would add a different dimension to your racing experience. If you are crazy about racing games, then this is something you cannot afford to miss out on! According to the feedback received from the gaming fraternity, this is by far the best racing wheel for Xbox. It known as, Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel.

Xbox 360/one wireless driving wheel is not compatible with PS4

Here are some features of this incredible product which would elevate your racing experience to a different level –

  1. a) Wireless: The fact that it is wireless, makes the handling more convenient. With this wireless device, there is no need for you to sit near your TV, straining your eyes! Make yourself feel comfortable at a safe distance.
  2. b) Convenient: You can place the wheel on your lap or a table. It is far more convenient compared to other varieties of wheels available.
  3. c) Rotation: This device is capable of a 270 degrees turn which would give you a real life experience of car racing.
  4. d) Headset Port: It comes with a headset port which is integrated to the system.
  5. e) Wheel Size: The size of the wheel is much bigger. The steering is 10 inches in diameter that allows you easy maneuvering capabilities.

Ever since it was launched, this particular device has taken the taken the gaming fraternity by storm. Rush to your nearest dealer and grab one before it goes out of stock!

How to choose the best kind of gaming TV

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Buying the bets gaming TV is really a challenge these days. The gamers try to find the best ones that would meet their needs and also help them to get the best experience of lifetime. It’s not only about image quality but also a lot of other factors that are required to consider while you are buying the best TV for gaming. The factors that are needed to consider while you are buying the best TV are as follows:


The resolution is an important thing that must be considered while buying the TV. The TV having higher resolution will give images of very fine quality. The games with 1080p will have better image quality and thus games will look clearer. The different types of TV sets have different types of image processing chips which has different types of output results. The higher resolution will translate to sharper image and thus better image quality.

Input lag;

This is an important factor that you need to consider while you are selecting the best gaming TV. The input lag is the time between the input of the user and the reactions on the screen with respect to that. The higher the input lag the more frustrated a gamer becomes. Usually the best of TV sets have lower input lag which gives the best kind of gaming experience. The fastest of TV sets have 16 milliseconds of input lag while the input lag can go up to 100 milliseconds.

Game mode:

Game mode is very important to be present in any gaming TV. This node can help to reduce the input lag by turning off some image quality features. Again a good gaming mode will turn off all the negative adjustments of the image and thus help you to view the best of images. The image processing trickery is very important for good gaming consoles and so a gaming TV must have a good gaming mode.

Refresh rate;

Refresh rate is another factor that you need to know while purchasing the best TV for gaming. Refresh rate is the rate at which the television can update its image. Most of the gaming TVs have a refresh rate of 60 frames per second while other looks for 30 frames per second. This means your game is coming up with a new frame after every 60 seconds. So there is no advantage is a more frequent refresh rate.

Plasma or LCD/LED;

The type of screen is also important while buying the TV. The plasma screens have an in inherent input lag than the LCD or the LED screens. The image quality and the resolution is very important when one wants to buy the kind of TV they want for playing games. It is better to go for LCD or LED screen rather than plasma for playing games.

So these are some of the important points that one needs to know while buying the best kind of TV for gaming. The size of the TV does not matter but one should distance themselves enough from a large size like 50 inch 1080p television for the best kind of gaming experience. There are a lot of gaming TVs that are available in the market so one needs to be careful with the specifications before they choose the best one.

OLED is the ultimate Television with high Resolution(1440P), high Fresh Rate, low response time(ISP) and cool Gaming Mode.